second se‧cond 3 [sɪˈkɒnd ǁ -ˈkɑːnd] verb [transitive] HUMAN RESOURCES
to arrange for an employee to work for another organization for a period of time:
second somebody to something

• We provide the opportunity for you to be seconded to industry to receive additional in-service training.

— secondment noun [countable, uncountable] :

• You can encourage personal contact with suppliers through seminars, site visits and short-term secondments.

• Two members of the team areon secondment from the University of Miami.

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secondment UK US /səˈkɒndmənt/ noun [C or U] HR, WORKPLACE
a period of time when an employee is sent to work somewhere else temporarily, either to increase the number of workers there, to replace a worker, or to exchange experiences and skills: secondment to/from sth »

My last post in the probation service was a secondment to Bristol Prison.

on secondment »

Next month Douglas, who has been on secondment from BT, goes back to his old job.

sb's secondment as sth »

This was during her secondment as an economic adviser to the Treasury.

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